Good questions!

I talked to a friend last night whom I hadn’t seen for about 6 months. She was excited for me and wanted to know all about my experiences at school.
“I LOVE it but I keep running myself into the ground. Up til 2, then up at 7 — then taking a nap if I can when I get home.

Friend — “What would you like to do differently? What would your day look like?”

Me — “Oh, spend about 4 hrs on music a day. 2 hrs on textbook stuff, one hour voice, one hour piano, and a massive binge once a week.”

Friend — “When would these 4 hrs happen?”

Me — “After dinner. Like 7 to 11 or 12.”

Friend — “What’s stopping you from doing that?”

Me — “I mess around on Twitter til about 10 pm”

Friend — “Why?”

Me — “Well, I love to know the latest memes and news. But basically I’m too groggy to work yet, because I had a nap.”

She gave me a significant look.

That evening 7:00 came. Ugh, I don’t want to work yet. So I hung out on Twitter, then watched the latest videos by Adam Neely and Sideways and Vox. Finally around midnight I started to perk up, and did the dishes (while listening to educational videos) because we are starting to get a mouse problem again and the best way to fight them is to get rid of mouse snacks in the kitchen.

Why didn’t I do homework?

Hmm…Well, I was just sort of burned out by the day; I didn’t want to deal with schoolwork yet. I wanted to rinse out my brain with something different. Adam Neely talks about taking a break from music everyday — ex. he doesn’t listen to music while driving, he puts on NPR — because otherwise he gets burned out on it.

I think my friend asked some great questions. I hope over Christmas break I can break my cycle of late night creative / work binges and then afternoon grogginess. It would be wonderful to put in 4 hrs a day of music, just for practice

Also I sure need practice with 4-part writing, because I suck at it. Whatever choices I make for the 2 inner voices, they are inevitably wrong (when we go over them in class). Even when I try to psych myself out and pick the opposite of what I think the answer is, my answer is still wrong.

How can I have aspirations of being a composer, and fail at 4-part writing?!?! It’s actually kind of interesting. I hope some sort of miracle occurs between now and the final because otherwise I will bomb it. We’re not talking Penderecki’s Threnody bomb it, more like Dark Souls “…YOU DIED”.